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Corporate Identity

Branding, Corporate Logos and Corporate Identity can be powerful visual short-cuts that a company can influence what people perceived of them.

Design & Print

With extremely high noise levels in this information over-whelming era, it takes much more than clever copy and stunning images to truly get the message across. We will make sure your messages hit home and your clients understand how your product/service solve their pains.
Ah Kong is exercising" Poster - Public Awareness Campaign


When people invest more time out of home, you will want to invest your marketing dollars in outdoor media too It could be a billboard ad, a bus-top ad, a mobile roadshow platform or as simple as a sandwich board promoter. Be colourful and more importantly be omnipresent in today's over-crowded market.
Street Bunting - on Expressways (1)

Public Relations

Public Relations is the key to your interaction with people. Your products may be a solution to other people's problem but you must be able to put across that message effectively and efficiently to the media on top of your usual marketing, advertising and promotional efforts. As the adage goes, the pen can be mightier than the sword.
Fung Wan Online, pubished in NanYang SiangPow -2

Press Ads

Above the Line Advertising is still the mainstay. Though many people have started reading news online, the majority sill enjoy reading the dailies over a cup of coffee. If you have sufficient budget, keep advertising in this medium because the national daily is still king.
Comfort-Lancer Campaign

Books & Newsletters

Newsletter Design, Editing and Production & Book Cover Design
Sankyu Newsletter


Corporate and Public Training Programs
31. Public Seminar_Ngee Ann_Vivienne Quek.jpg